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Intelius is one of the most popular online background check services. It offers a comprehensive range of background check reports, including criminal records, property ownership information, bankruptcies, liens, etc. 

Intelius also provides access to public records, which can be very useful for finding out information about people. 

Many people use Intelius to conduct background checks on potential employees, landlords, and event dates. 

Intelius is a very user-friendly platform, and it offers a wide range of features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for an online background check service. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive background check report, Intelius is worth considering. But, first, let’s take a more in-depth look at what Intelius offers.

What Is Intelius

Intelius is a people search engine that provides users with background information on individuals. Intelius offers various services, including public records searches, reverse phone lookups, and email searches

The company has a database of several billion records and uses a proprietary algorithm to match users with the most relevant results. 

Intelius also offers a monthly subscription service that gives users unlimited access to their databases. 

In addition to its people search offerings, Intelius also provides business intelligence services and background checks. 

How Much Does Intelius Cost?

Intelius offers a monthly subscription service for background checks, costing $19.99. The company offers one-time searches for reverse phone lookup ($39.95), reverse address lookup ($4.95-$14.95), email lookup ($6.95), and social network search for ($6.95).

You can also get an in-depth criminal record search (state) ($14.90), criminal record search (nationwide) ($29.95), and people search for just ($0.95). You can also get a 5 day trial for just a little more than $1 to try out most of its features.

Where Does Intelius Get Its Information?

Intelius gathers its information from a variety of public and private sources. The company has billions of records, which it uses to match users with the most relevant results. 

Intelius also uses proprietary algorithms to ensure that the results are accurate. 

Many of the records in the Intelius database are freely available public records. 

However, some information is gathered from private sources, such as businesses and government agencies. This means that not all of the information in the Intelius database is available to the general public.

What Type Of Searches Are Available?

People Search

People search on Intelius can help you find people by name, run a background check, get a criminal history report, find public records, etc. 

You can also run a reverse phone number search, email address, or property search. 

Intelius is an excellent resource for finding the information you need with so many different types of searches available. 

You can also use Intelius to determine if someone has a criminal record, marriage or divorce records, bankruptcies, liens, and more.

Reverse Address Lookup

Intelius offers reverse address lookup as part of its people search service. Enter the address you’re interested in, and Intelius will return a list of name(s) and additional information associated with that address. 

This is a great way to find out who owns a property and get information on past residents. Its usefulness doesn’t stop there, though. 

You can also use reverse address lookup to find out who lives at an address, get their contact information, and see if there are any public records associated with them.

Reverse Phone Lookup

Another feature offered by Intelius is reverse phone lookup. This service allows you to enter a phone number and receive information on the owner of that number. 

This is a great way to find out who’s been calling you and get additional information on the person. 

This service is available for both landline and mobile phone numbers. Its pricing is the same as that of the reverse email lookup service.

Background Check

You can also use Intelius to run a background check. This service will give you access to criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, and more. 

Background checks are essential for landlords, employers, and anyone else who needs to know more about a person’s past. 

You can use Intelius to run a background check on yourself, too. This can be an excellent way to find out if there is anything in your past that could come back to haunt you.

Public Records Search

Intelius’ public records search service gives you access to a wide range of records, including property, court, birth, and death

This can be a great way to get more information about a person’s past and verify information that you may have. 

Public records can also be very useful for genealogical research. If you’re trying to trace your family history, public records can be a valuable source of information. 

Criminal Records Search

Intelius offers a variety of searches, including those for criminal records. With this type of search, you can enter an individual’s name and see if there are any reported instances of criminal activity. 

You can also narrow the search by location, date range, and type of offense. This type of search can be helpful if you are considering hiring someone or entering into a business relationship with someone. It can also help check up on someone you already know. 

How To Run a Search On Intelius?

To run a basic search on Intelius, go to the homepage and enter the first and last name of the person you are looking for in the search bar. If you know their middle name or initial, you can include that as well. 

You can also enter their city and state. If you want to be more specific, you can enter additional information, such as their address, phone number, or date of birth. 

Once you have entered all of the information, click on the “Search” button. This will bring up a list of results that match your criteria. 

You can then click on the most likely result to be the person you are looking for. If you want to run a more advanced search, click on the “Advanced Search” link. 

This will allow you to search for people by their email addresses or other information.

Intellius Pros

Graphical Reports

One of the features that Intellius offers is generating graphical reports. These reports visually represent an individual’s criminal history, address history, and other public records. 

The reports can be customized to include specific information, such as prior arrests or convictions, and can be exported to various formats. 

Although the graphical reports are not free, they can be a valuable tool for those who need to conduct a thorough background check.

Android & iOS Apps

Another great feature of Intellius is that they offer Android and iOS apps. These apps allow you to conduct a people search or background check. 

They are very user-friendly and provide all the same features as the website. The apps are free to download and use, but you must create an account to use them. 

You can also access your account and results from the app, which is very convenient.

Unique Features

While Intellius offers some features similar to other people search engines, they provide some unique features. 

One of these features is the ability to run a background check on someone without creating an account. This means that you can get started right away without providing any personal information.

Social Network Viewer

Another feature that Intellius offers is the social network viewer. This feature allows you to see an individual’s activity on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

This can be a valuable tool if you want to get an idea of what someone is like or what they are interested in. Many employers use this feature to screen potential employees.

Direct Support Available

If you have any questions or need help using Intellius, you can contact their customer support team. They offer various methods of contact, including phone, email, and more. 

They also have an extensive FAQ section on their website that you can browse through. 

If you need help using the site or have any questions about background check services, their customer support team will be more than happy to assist you.

Reverse Phone Lookup

In addition to conducting a people search, you can also use Intellius to run a reverse phone lookup. This feature allows you to enter a phone number and see who is registered. 

This can be helpful if you want to find out who is calling you or if you’re going to find out more about someone you met online. 

Plus, you can use this service to determine if a phone number is associated with any known criminals or sex offenders.

Intelius Cons

Cancellation Problems

One complaint that some users have is that it can be difficult to cancel your account. In addition, there have been reports of people being charged for services even after canceling their account. 

If you decide to use Intellius, keep a close eye on your credit card statement to make sure you are not being charged for services you are no longer using.

Misleading Prompts

Another complaint that some users have is that Intellius uses misleading prompts. For example, when you first sign up for an account, you are given the option to “skip” the trial period. 

However, if you do not enter a credit card number, you will be automatically enrolled in the trial period and will be charged after the trial period ends. 

You can avoid this by reading the fine print carefully before signing up for an account. While the trial period is not necessarily a bad thing, it can be frustrating if you are not expecting it.

No Upfront Pricing

Another downside of Intellius is that they do not offer any upfront pricing. This means that you will not know how much you will be charged until after you have used the service. 

This can be frustrating for some users, as it is difficult to budget for a service when you do not know how much it will cost. 

You can, however, get a rough estimate of pricing by using the pricing tiers on the website.

Not FRCA Compliant

Intellius is not compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This means that they cannot provide certain types of information, such as credit scores, in their reports. 

If you are looking for a people search engine that is FCRA compliant, you may want to consider an alternative option. 

This is an essential consideration if you plan on using Intelius for screening.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intelius reputable?

While Intelius is a reputable background check service, there have been some complaints about the company. For example, some users have reported difficulty canceling their accounts, while others have found that the company uses misleading prompts. 

If you consider using Intelius, be sure to keep these complaints in mind. This does not mean you should not use the service, but be aware of these potential issues.

Is Intelius safe to use?

Overall, Intelius is a safe background check service to use. However, as with any online service, some risks are associated with using it. 

Be sure to read over the terms and conditions before you create an account to understand how your personal information will be used. 

Many of the risks associated with using Intelius can be avoided by taking simple precautions, such as not sharing your account information with anyone else and only conducting searches on people you know and trust.

Is Intelius anonymous?

No, Intelius is not an anonymous service. When you sign up for an account, you will be required to provide your name and email address. However, you can create a username that will be used to identify you on the site. 

However, they will never notify the person you are searching for that you looked them up. You will need to sign up for a paid account if you want to get in contact with the person you are searching for.

Is Intelius accurate? How often is it updated?

Intelius is a reliable background check service that is updated regularly. However, as with any online service, there may be occasional inaccuracies. If you find an inaccuracy in a report, you can contact customer support, and they will investigate the issue. 

While we cannot confirm how often they update their reports, we believe it is at least every month.

Is it easy to cancel Intelius?

Some users have reported difficulty canceling their Intelius accounts. If you decide to use the service, keep a close eye on your credit card statement to make sure you are not being charged for services you are no longer using. 

You can also contact customer support, and they may be able to help you cancel your account. If you are having difficulty canceling, you may want to consider contacting your credit card company and asking them to block charges from Intelius.

Intelius Comparisons With Other Services

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Looking For Someone?

Use their Name, Phone Number, Email, or Address to find information.


Final Verdict

We believe that Intelius is a reputable and reliable background check service. While there have been some complaints about the company, we believe these are relatively minor. 

If you are considering using Intelius, we recommend that you do so. However, read over the terms and conditions before you create an account. 

While there are many other similar services out there, Intelius is among the best.

If you’re looking for long-lost relatives, friends, or just trying to gather information on someone, you can’t find anything better than Intelius.

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