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In an age where scamming and identity theft are rampant, you should know who someone really is before you give them any information.

For whatever purpose it may serve, be it for job applications, online dating, or even just to make sure your new neighbor isn’t a convicted felon, running a background check is now a must to gain peace of mind.

While there are plenty of ways to run a background check, an easy way is through the people search engine sites. And in this article, we deep dive into one of the most popular and efficient ones: Pipl People Search.

What is Pipl People Search?

Pipl is a people search engine that collects and cross-references data from multiple online sources to build digital identities with the highest accuracy possible.

The site contains an online database with over 300 million records from public profiles that businesses or individuals can use to research someone before contacting them.

It aims to help individuals and businesses locate people by giving them email addresses, social media links, and quick facts about individuals. You can consider PIPL your one-stop shop, as it contains everything you need to know about someone.

Pipl strives to make it easier for everyone to be a part of a global society by creating trustworthy identity information that individuals can control and keep safe from potential harm. 

How Does Pipl Work?

Pipl searches through various deep web sources for the information you request. All you need to do is enter the name and location of the person you are looking for into Pipl’s search engine.

Afterwhich, Pipl uses guesswork URL patterns to access this hidden information because some pages in the deep web don’t have links to other pages.

It uses public information about a person and, after employing different advanced languages, Pipl provides the most relevant information it collects.

Its robots interact with searchable databases and extract facts, contact details, email addresses, and other valuable data from personal profiles, member directories, scientific publications, and court records.

What Makes Pipl Different from Other People Search Sites?

Pipl is like other search engine sites but has more speed and efficiency. Pipl is unique from other people search sites as it uses “deep web,” which are pages that regular search engines have difficulty accessing.

Although the deep web consists of significantly more content than the surface web, it is still untapped because traditional search engines are not equipped to access it. Most personal profiles, public records, and other documents are stored in databases rather than on static web pages, making them difficult to find using a regular search engine.

Pipl allows you to explore the deep web to find information about a specific person, then produce a report with all relevant findings on one page. It can include links to social media accounts, email addresses, professional and educational history, and demographic information like age or gender.

The best part about this Pipl is that it’s completely ad-free.

Who Can Use Pipl?

Pipl is created for people in the workforce. It serves professionals in insurance, e-commerce, financial services, legal, government agencies, and law enforcement. It makes it easier to resolve customer cases and investigate fraud while reducing the risks of fraudulent activity. 

But to put it simply, everyone can access Pipl if they state their reasoning behind why they need it. Also, before providing any services, Pipl will identify and rate its customers to ensure their service is not being misused.

With a global reach of over 3 billion identities cross-referenced from 25 billion individual records is one of the world’s leading online identity search sites.

How Can You Use Pipl People Search?

Identity verification

Pipl requires that each customer is properly assessed before they can receive any services. It helps to ensure that the service will only be used for legal and ethical purposes, such as campaigns against spamming or in a way that threatens individual rights.

With just a name and some additional identifying details, you can find a lot of information, like where someone lives or what he does for a living.

Detect financial fraud

The site provides fraud and investigation services to professionals in various fields, such as government, law, finance, etc. You can use Pipl to check someone out before agreeing to any financial commitments with them.

If Pipl finds the person suspicious, it will warn you with a red flag. This way, you can do more research on that person and find out if they are reliable, and save yourself from any potential risk of fraud.

Check criminal record

Pipl Search is an efficient way to access a criminal record database, which can come in handy for work or business purposes.

With Pipl Search, you can find people quickly and search for their phone numbers, addresses, and other types of contact information. This way, you can see if the person has any criminal records, which is critical to know about anyone new in your life.

Lead generation

Pipl helps marketers access social media presence and demographic information about people. The site can quickly determine different people’s interests and target the right audience for their marketing campaigns.

Investigative Journalism

The site gives investigators, employees, and officers from various backgrounds the information they would not have otherwise. It is direct access to public records for law enforcement agencies. In light of the increasing crime rates, agencies must keep up with new methods of information gathering.

Additional Pipl Features

Identity trust

Pipl allows you to verify someone’s identity by consolidating investigation details and insights onto a single page.

Map view integration

Pipl helps you see an individual’s home and work address with street, satellite, or road-map views.

Metadata and sources cards

By hovering over any data field, you can view the source of the data and when it was acquired.

Pipl Limitations

Pipl has undeniably good features, but like other people search sites, it has its limitations.

For instance, Pipl does not have original content but draws from other online sources. Meaning, if the information in those sources is inaccurate, you might get some false information on Pipl as well.

It often happens because people change or enter their mobile numbers incorrectly for security and privacy reasons.

How Much Does Pipl Cost?

Pipl offers a free trial which gives customers access to the site’s basic features. It allows customers to gain information about a person and understand how Pipl works.

The amount of information available on the free trial may be limited depending on the individual being searched for.

  • Personal information ($0.05 per match): Find someone’s contact information, such as name, age, gender, and address.
  • Social information ( $0.10 per match): Search for images and contact info for associates and social handles
  • Business information ($20 per match): To look for information like employers or education history from universities attended. It includes details like email addresses, social media connections, and mobile phone numbers, among others.

Wrap Up

Looking For Someone?

Use their Name, Phone Number, Email, or Address to find information.


Pipl is a powerful people search engine you can use for various purposes, such as identity verification, detecting financial fraud, checking criminal records, lead generation, and investigative Journalism.

With the site’s help, knowing a person’s identity and having peace of mind doesn’t come with a high price tag.

The site offers a free trial that gives customers access to the basic features of the site, and it also has different paid packages for those who want more information.

Either way, Pipl is a valuable tool for anyone wanting to learn more about someone.

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Written by Brian Williams

Brian is an expert in security, privacy, and information. He has studied background checks, criminal, people search, and such topics over the last 5 years. He is also an avid writer and enjoys sharing his knowledge through this blog. Read more of Brian's articles.