Does TaskRabbit Do Background Checks?

TaskRabbit is a very personal website. The tasks typically require a complete stranger to come into your home and perform different types of work. Because of this, there has to be a high level of trust so the person hiring you feels safe having you in and around their personal space.

The team behind TaskRabbit knows this and in order to keep their platform safe and customers happy they do background checks on all applicants. This ensures Taskrabbit has the highest quality of workers, and that their clients don’t invite someone with a criminal past into their home. 

TaskRabbit Background Check

All applicants signing up for TaskRabbit are required to submit information that determines whether or not they’re allowed to use the platform. This personal information includes things like Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, and address. 

TaskRabbit uses this information to complete background and identity checks to verify you don’t have a criminal past, and that you are who you say you are. According to their website, TaskRabbit does this by doing two different reports on you :

  • Investigative consumer reports 
  • Consumer credit reports

These reports are done by a third-party company called Sterling Talent Solutions and are used to find out certain information about your character, general reputation, and personal characteristics. 

The company will also verify the information in your employment application and do other extensive checks like requesting a criminal record, verifying your references and even going as far as interviewing people who know you. 

The background check costs $25 which you must pay yourself.

Common Reasons for Application Rejection on TaskRabbit

Having your application rejected from TaskRabbit can be quite demotivating as you were probably excited to start making some money and helping people out. There are usually only two reasons why TaskRabbit will reject your application:

Criminal history or offenses

One of the main reasons why your application has been rejected is because you have a criminal history that they have discovered after doing a background check. It’s not clear if any charge on your record will result in you being rejected from Taskrabbit however if you have a minor charge for something like trespassing then it’s worth contacting Taskrabbit and asking them to be lenient. TaskRabbit prides itself on trust and security therefore they can’t allow those with a shady past to sign up. 

This prevents anything untoward from happening to their customers and also keeps them out of legal trouble should they accept someone with a criminal history and they commit a crime while tasking. 

Employers at every company will run a background check on you to ensure you can be trusted in the workplace, TaskRabbit is no different especially because people are inviting you into their homes. 

Identify verification failure

Aside from having a criminal past, you can also be rejected from TaskRabbit if you fail to pass their identity check. When signing up you must send them a form of ID, your name, address, date of birth, and SSN to verify you are who you say you are.

If one of these things doesn’t align with the rest of your identity then it’s likely your application is going to be rejected. 

It could be something simple like misspelling your address so it’s important you thoroughly check through your application. The good news is, if you fail an identity check you’ll know pretty quickly as the systems are automated so you don’t have to wait for an extended period of time because your ID couldn’t be verified. 

Has TaskRabbit eliminated waiting lines for new applications? 

There are currently no waiting lines for new applications however the time it takes for you to be approved can vary from city to city. TaskRabbit states that most applicants will be able to begin tasking within four business days of registration. 

In order to prevent any delays it’s important to take your time when applying and make sure you’ve filled in all of the information correctly. If something isn’t right with your application then TaskRabbit will reach out to you in order to resolve things.

Does TaskRabbit do background checks for non-US nationals?

TaskRabbit do background checks for non-US nationals

TaskRabbit forces all applicants to do background checks in order to use their platform. To apply you need a Social Security Number therefore without one, there will be no background check because your application simply won’t be processed without a valid SSN. 

If you are a non-US national and have a SSN then you will be subjected to go through a background check to ensure you’re suitable for TaskRabbit.

Non-US nationals are treated the same as US nationals when it comes to applying for TaskRabbit.


TaskRabbits core values include trust and safety. Therefore in order to deliver this they need to vet all taskers that apply to work for them. This means everyone applying to work on TaskRabbit has to pay $25 for a background check along with providing identification to prove who they are. 

To do this they use the help of a third-party source that does their background checks for them. This company will do its own independent reports that comb through different things about you such as your criminal record, work references, MVR, and many other things to ensure you’re eligible to be approved for TaskRabbit.

If you have committed offenses in the past that’s went on your record or failed the identification process then your application may be rejected or delayed. 

However, if you’re in the clear then you can expect to get started working for TaskRabbit around four business days after you submit your application.

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Written by Brian Williams

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