Is It Possible To Get A Fugitive Warrant Lifted?

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Having a warrant hanging over your head can be a stressful burden. You can expect to constantly be looking over your shoulder and wondering if every knock at the door is going to be the police. 

This is why it’s best to get warrants resolved as soon as possible. If you have a fugitive warrant you’re probably wondering if it’s possible to get it lifted. You can get a fugitive warrant lifted by consulting with an attorney and then surrendering to the court.

In this article, we’re going to cover the difference between a fugitive and an arrest warrant, what an out-of-state fugitive charge is, and some tips on how to lift a fugitive warrant. 

What is the difference between a fugitive and an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a document issued by the court that gives police officers the authorization to arrest the person in question, detain them, and then present the suspect to appear in front of a court. 

The difference between an arrest warrant and a fugitive warrant is that a fugitive warrant is issued when the suspect flees the original jurisdiction in which they committed the crime, to a different jurisdiction.

A fugitive warrant allows different law enforcement to work together in order to bring the person to justice. If fugitive warrants didn’t exist then it would allow someone to move to another jurisdiction to avoid being prosecuted for their crimes.  

Who issues fugitive warrants and when are they issued?

Fugitive warrants are issued by law enforcement from the location of the town where the suspect has originally committed the crime, their information is then given to the local agency where the suspect has fled to.

They are only issued when the person with the arrest warrant is located or suspected to be in another jurisdiction. It then becomes upgraded to a fugitive warrant.

How to lift a fugitive warrant?

How to lift a fugitive warrant

A warrant isn’t something you wanted hanging around your name, especially not a fugitive warrant. While things may be a little complicated compared to something like a bench warrant, it’s still possible to get it lifted by taking the correct steps.

Consult with the attorney

In order to get a fugitive warrant lifted the first thing you should do is invoke your rights and consult with an attorney. 

They are qualified professionals that can review your charges and investigate to reduce or get rid of the charges. Getting an attorney isn’t a guaranteed way to get a fugitive warrant dismissed but you can give yourself the best chance by finding one well acquainted with state and federal laws.

Appear in court

After consulting with an attorney you’ll need to appear in court in order to get the warrant dealt with. If you don’t want to dispute the warrant then your lawyer can help you to reduce the charges or get you a deal.

You also have the chance in court to fight your case and get the warrant removed.

Surrender to authorities

You can also surrender yourself to any local law enforcement, it doesn’t matter which jurisdiction it’s in. This is strongly advised compared to going on the run and being caught by the police. 

During your trial, the judge will see that you have handed yourself in and are ready to face any consequences. Compare this to going on the run and being caught, the judge might impose a more harsh punishment.

What Is an Out-of-State Fugitive Charge?

Dealing with fugitives can bring law enforcement a different array of challenges, one of which is dealing with the extradition process. An out-of-state fugitive charge is when police in the state in which the crime has taken place issue a warrant for the person’s arrest and request to have them extradited. 

Things can become quite difficult as states can have different laws surrounding extradition, with this said most states implement the UCLA (Uniform Criminal Extradition Act) which simplifies the entire process. 


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Getting a fugitive warrant lifted can be done with the help of a well-versed attorney who will help guide you on what the best course of action is. Whether you decide to go with an attorney or not is up to you however the only way you can get a fugitive warrant lifted is by appearing in court.

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