How To Find People By Date Of Birth – 4 Best Ways

Looking For Someone?

Use their Name, Phone Number, Email, or Address to find information.


Finding people by date of birth is not as hard as it seems. There are many ways to find someone, but they all depend on how much information you know about the person you’re looking for. 

If you have their full name and DOB, a few sites can help you find them in minutes or less. The first thing to do is look up their name in an online phone directory site like White Pages or 411. 

This will list any numbers that match your search criteria and allow further research into finding out which one belongs to them. 

However, this method has flaws because many people have unlisted numbers or changed their names. Another way to find someone is through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. So let’s take a deeper look!

Is Date Of Birth Enough To Find Someone? 

Even if you are incredibly fortunate, it won’t be easy to locate someone based on their date of birth unless you have a lot of luck. 

If a person has never revealed their true birthday to anyone (and there may be good reasons for doing so), it is possible that they will not be able to recall the exact date and year of their birth. 

It becomes much more difficult to find someone if you ask for their age rather than their birthdate and then use simple math to calculate how old they were on each day of the previous year. 

This is because there are many more possible options rather than just one. For example, finding out where and when they were born can make the search process much more efficient if you know where they were born.

How To Find Someone Using DOB

Both Google and Bing have search box options for searching by date of birth. You can also use Google Advanced Search to find someone using their DOB. 

For example, if you are looking for John Doe’s information, type the following details into the advanced search form: Name, Date Range (Birth year), Location (City or State). 

You can even add a few more parameters like Gender and Education Level to refine your results. If you don’t remember the person’s exact date of birth, you can try typing in a range of years. 

Many people include their date of birth on their social media profiles, which can also be an excellent place to start.

2. Social Media Can Be Very Useful & Reliable

Social media can be a handy tool for finding people. For example, Facebook is the most popular social networking site, and many sites allow you to search by date of birth. 

Check out LinkedIn if you know any information about the person, such as their job history, education level, or anything else that could help narrow down search results.

Look at Facebook Groups for people who live or work near you, especially if they’re in your family tree because these groups often have pictures from birthdays and other events that could help identify someone by date of birth. 

3. Free People Search Sites Are Worth It

One of the best people search sites that you can use is BeenVerified. They have a very user-friendly website, and they offer a lot of different features like reverse email lookup, criminal records, and social media profiles. 

You must enter the person’s name and state and then hit “search.” Another great site is Intelius. This site offers detailed background checks as well as reverse phone lookups. It also has an extensive database that includes billions of public records worldwide. 

The only downside to this site is that it’s not free – but the cost is worth it if you need more detailed information about someone. There are many other databases online like PeopleFinders,, or but the ones mentioned above are a great place to start.

4. Leverage Public Records


Because obituaries frequently include the person’s full date of birth and death, this is an excellent method of locating people by date of birth. It’s also possible to look through old newspapers for articles describing births, marriages, and deaths. 

If you want to learn more about your ancestor than just their date of birth, this can be a great way to do so. Occasionally, you might even come across a photograph of them if you’re lucky. 

You can look for obituaries on genealogy websites such as or to see if there is any information.

Birth & Death Registries

Birth & Death Registries are the main sources of information for birth and death records. Birth & Death Registries keep track of births, deaths, and marriages within their jurisdiction. 

Therefore, if you are looking for someone’s birth or death certificate, you will most likely need to contact the Birth & Death Registry in the jurisdiction where they were born or died. 

However, some Birth & Death Registries also contain information on people born or died outside their jurisdiction. Because of this, some Birth & Death Registries may have records for people born, died, or married in other states.

County Appraisal Records

Courier companies often have archived delivery information that goes back many years. If the person you are looking for used to live in a particular area, contacting the local courier company may be your best bet for finding them. 

You can also search online for county appraisal records. These records are typically kept on file for several years, and they can provide you with the individual’s date of birth, as well as their current address

You may also find their current phone number or email address if you are lucky. However, keep in mind that most of these records are only accessible to the public if used in a property purchase or sale, with a few exceptions.

Looking For Someone?

Use their Name, Phone Number, Email, or Address to find information.


What Are Your Chances Of Success Using These Methods? 

If you’re looking for a specific person, you may have some luck with simple searches such as Google or Facebook. However, suppose you’re searching for someone not listed on social media profiles (or other public records). 

In that case, it will be harder to find them without paying for a membership service that has access to the databases of various government agencies and private companies. 

Likewise, the chances of finding someone with just their date of birth is slim, but if you can narrow down where they lived when they were born and find out which hospital or clinic delivered them – then your chances increase significantly.

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