How to Find Out if Someone is Married

Falling in love with someone is one of the best feelings in the world. It gives you a sense of joy, excitement, and hope for the future.

However, when you enter into a serious relationship with a person, it helps to do some background checks first.

You need to know if your special someone is legally single or if they are already married or engaged in another romantic relationship.

There are several ways to check someone’s civil status. In this guide, we will share some ways to check if someone is legally off the dating scene and how to find marriage records.

We will also go through some signs that a person is already married.

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Are Marriage Records Public?

Marriage records are technically considered public records and available to anyone who requests them.

However, U.S. public record laws prohibit releasing identifying information to members of the general public. Copies of marriage certificates are available from the county that issued the marriage license. 

You may only get a marriage certificate from some U.S. states if you are authorized or a party to the marriage.

Authorized persons include the married couple, their parent, grandparent, legal guardian, child, grandchild, sibling, and the attorney representing the married couple.

A non-authorized person can only receive a copy marked copy of the record.

How to Find Marriage Records?

Visit the Court house

The simplest and most direct way to find marriage records is to visit the courthouse that issued the marriage license.

Most county courthouses will have a public access file for marriage licenses. You can search by name or other identifying information such as date of birth, address, and maiden name.

Hire a private investigator

When doing a background check, you should remain respectful and discreet. It will help you get the most accurate results without causing unnecessary stress or embarrassment for the person you are investigating.

One of the best ways to do this is to hire a professional private investigator with access to more resources and tools than the average person. Their service rate varies depending on the complexity of the case, the location, and their experience.

Check the public records database

Many states make marriage records available online through public record databases. These databases typically include information such as the married couple’s names, the county where they were married, and the date of their marriage.

To find marriage records online, search for the name of the married couple in question on your preferred public records database. In most cases, you should be able to find the records easily.

How to Check Marriage Status Online?

Use social media

Nowadays, many people need to tell the world about key life events, and marriage is no exception. Check the person’s social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Many times, people post pictures with their romantic partners on these sites.

If you can’t find any romantic posts or pictures, scroll through their other postings to see if anyone could be involved with them. You should also check how recent the postings are because some people create fake profiles that only show some things about them.

Use a third-party online service

These services generally require you to pay a fee, but they offer a more comprehensive and convenient way to search for someone’s marital status.

Many of these services have access to databases that are not publicly available, which helps them provide more accurate and up-to-date results.

All you need to do is enter the person’s name or other identifying information into the search box on the website.

The service will quickly search for any matching information. You may need to upgrade your account if you want more detailed information about the person’s marital status.

Search wedding gift registries

Many couples create wedding gift registries to help their loved ones choose gifts they will actually use. Many of these registries are public, so you can search for the person’s name to see if they are listed as being engaged or married.

You may also be able to find their wedding date and the names of their spouse-to-be using this method. You can begin with well-known gift registries: William Sonoma, The Knot, WeddingWire, Amazon, and Target.

Common Signs Pointing Someone is Married

Odd phone secrecy and behavior

Pay close attention when your partner becomes secretive with their phone habits.

If they start tilting the screen away from you or only pick up calls when you’re out of earshot, these could be signs that something is going on behind your back.

Note also if your special someone is keeping their phone password-protected and doesn’t want you to look at it, this is a major red flag. 

Unusual date times

A person genuinely interested in someone will find time to be with them. If the person is limiting the dates to unusual times and locations, such as late at night or during work hours, this could be a sign that they are trying to hide their relationship from others.

Strange meet-up locations

For instance, if your partner suggests meeting at a restaurant or bar that you have never been to or in an unfamiliar part of town, this could indicate that they want to keep their relationship hidden from others.

Also, if they never invite you to their place or anywhere near where they live, nor do they share with you their favorite hangouts, it’s worth pondering over your relationship or whether your lover has been hiding things from you.

Not meeting their friends and family

If your partner is trying to hide their relationship from friends and family, they may not be interested in introducing you to them.

They may avoid bringing you to social events or gatherings with their loved ones, such as birthday parties or other important occasions.

Wedding ring tan line

Try to check if there is a tan line or indentation on the left ring finger and if there is, the person may have recently removed their wedding ring.

Some married people use this trick to appear single and pick dates when traveling. However, the tan line could also mean that the person is recently divorced or separated.


When you fall in love, you should always guard your heart and be cautious of signs that your partner may not be sincere and trustworthy.

It pays to be vigilant and look for the signs of a married person, as this may give you an early warning that something is going on.

Remember that there may also be other explanations for those signs, so consider all evidence before jumping to conclusions.

Communication and trust are critical in any relationship, so make sure you can discuss your concerns with your partner openly.

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